I was 18 when I lost my virginity and it wasn’t a kind of ordinary way. I had needed sex for quite a while however no young men had extremely turned me on enough for me to spread my legs for them despite the fact that a considerable measure had fingered me and I had wanked a ton off. I need to concede I liked wanking a solid cockerel and seeing it spurt all around and however several chaps had endeavored to get theirs inside me I had ceased them. It occurred after Mum needed to go into doctor’s facility. Father ran with her and they masterminded me to remain with some of Dads companions. They were a pleasant couple in their 30’s yet without any children. I went to bed around 9 however following a hour or so couldn’t rest so returned down the stairs in my robe. I opened the way to the front room and there they were on the couch, both exposed and she was sucking his huge cockerel. They appeared to be amazed when I strolled in and I immediately apologized and swung to take off.


At that point Susan shouted to me that I didn’t need to go in the event that I didn’t need and she was certain I had seen a cockerel previously. Having seen the extent of his cockerel and her sucking it my inner parts were at that point shivering like frantic and I had that extremely pleasant sensation in my pussy. I turned and returned and Ken congratulated the couch by the side of him. I went and sat around his side as susane started licking and sucking his gigantic rooster once more. She ceased for a moment and pushed his prepuce appropriate back and when his swollen protective cap flew out I almost came. Sue took a gander at me and said I could feel it on the off chance that I needed. I was exceptionally humiliated however then ken lifted my hand up and put it on his cockerel and I just couldn’t avoid and grabbed hold of it. I had just wanked young men cocks however Kens was twice as thick and twice the length of the young men and it was so hot in my grasp. Susan inquired as to whether I had ever done it and I took a gander at her a bit unusually then she said “You know, done it with any young men, had their cockerels in you” and I shook my head. “I wager you needed to however didn’t you” she said and I snickered and gestured. “Have you ever suck a chicken” she asked and I gestured. “Well why not suck Kens at that point” and Ken gestured. I needed to admit to myself I needed to as his cockerel was fantastic. “Go on, you’ll cherish it” Sue said. I sat up then twisted advances and down and let his swollen cap slide between my lips and I extremely acknowledged how much greater his chicken was than the fellows I had sucked. My hand sneaked down and felt his balls and by and by I was stunned at the measure of them. Right then I got another stun as I felt a hand between my legs and when I looked down could see it was Sue. She pushed my legs open and a couple of moments later I felt a long finger slide up inside me and begin wriggling around. I was at that point very horny however what she was doing was truly making me go. I heard her whisper “Her pussy is splashed” and I knew it was as I could feel it. I sucked his cockerel for a couple of minutes until the point when he drove me back. Sue inspired me to slide down on the couch so my bum was spot on the edge at that point started rubbing my clit until the point that I was realy hopping and twitching.


Ken got up and assumed Sues position and kept fingering me and rubbing my clit and I could feel myself beginning to cum. I didn’t get a shot however as Ken fixed up and as he did that he moved advances and began rubbing his swollen cap all over between my splashing pussylips. Sue said “Do you need him to place it in” I delayed for a minute however it was a minute too long as he slid his protective cap down to my opening and started pushing. I was alarmed it would hurt and began to drive him back however he pushed again and to my express surprise I felt his cap and a couple of creeps of his cockerel go up into me. Sue lifted my hand away and Ken simply facilitated advances and without precedent for my life felt the radiant impression of a keeps an eye on cockerel going up inside my body. I shouted out in unadulterated joy as his cap squashed up against my cervix and as his rooster began sliding all through me I thought I was in paradise as it was so great. At that point out of the blue an extremely exceptional sensation began up inside me and before I knew it I was heaving and gasping at that point shouted as the principal penile made climax hit me realy hard. I had a full developed grown-up keeps an eye on rooster inside me mating with me and my body was reacting as I could feel the muscles of my pussy crushing his chicken. Sue said she needed to go to the can and went out. As she went out Ken started fucking me extremely hard and lean advances and started sucking my areolas as he did as such. At that point he fixed up as his developments got more jerky, held my hips tight before at long last driving hard up into me and holding it there. I felt his cockerel begin kind of twitching at that point felt its full length abruptly swell up before it started throbbing hard. All of a sudden I felt a warm wetness spread out high up inside my pussy and I all of a sudden acknowledged he was shooting in me.


A grown-up male was squirting living sperm into my body and attempting to make me pregnant. Indeed, even as that idea experienced my head my whole body worried and I came hard again as his cockerel kept throbbing without end inside me. My body was all the while trembling and shuddering when sue returned and as she got down alongside us I can recall her adage “Goodness crap Ken have you cum inside her” and he gestured. “You’ve shot such a great amount in her its spilling out look” and as I inclined advances right off the bat I was astonished to see my little pussy split wide by his full measured cockerel, yet furthermore I could see his sperm crushing out between his rooster and my pussy. It just truly occurred to me then that I could without much of a stretch get pregnant as he had extremely impacted me brimming with cum. Luckily 3 days after the fact my period began and once again the following couple of weeks he fucked me brainless numerous multiple occassions until the point when Sue ceased him.

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